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Zakaria Laouiz
Sami Moalla
Zakaria Laouiz
Sami Moalla
Sami Moalla

Educational Orientation

Your first step is to book &Β attend your personal orientation with one of our Educational Consultants. The orientation is for free and available to anyone who qualifies for our Services πŸ€— .

Our Consultants were international students just like you and are best equipped to share their experience with you. They help you choose your program and school.

Find out if you qualify for our Services & book your orientation here.


Program Admission

After choosing your program & school, we are going to apply for your school admission together. You will fill in some paper work and provide previous degrees and other important documents. For some schools you need to attend an admission interview, but don’t worry we are going to help you prepare πŸ™Œ .

You can have a look at our study program options hereΒ or simply book your free orientation & our Consultant will go through all study program options you have, based on your profile πŸ€“ .


English Preparation

While you prepare and apply for your admission, you are going to attend our online English classes. They are taught by our amazing teacher Marco . The classes are a great opportunity to get to know other students in the process and prepare together for your upcoming study abroad journey πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“ . The classes are divided into English levels and are going to help you prepare for your Visa interview and your first few weeks in Malta πŸ—£ .


Student Visa Guidance

The Visa application – One of the most sensitive parts of the process. We understand how stressful this step can be. We make sure that you have all required documents in order and are ready to apply in time for your study intake πŸ’ͺ.


Welcoming in Europe

If you made it to this step, that means you got your Visa – so congratulations πŸš€. Now it’s time to say farewell to your friends & family back home and start your exciting and challenging new journey abroad. But don’t worry too much, our Team is going to give you a warm welcome abroad and will guide you through your first few weeks 🀝.


Student Integration

At this point you are settling down in Europe πŸ™Œ
Finding your way in a new country can be tough, but we are here to assist you with your Residence documents, accommodation and other must-haves. With our help, you have all the basics covered and can fully focus on school work and integrating in your new home.

Have a look at our student’s experiences from the past years here.

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