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About Study First Europe

Study First Europe: Your Direct Path to European Education.

Founded to champion the aspirations of Non-EU students, Study First Europe simplifies the journey to studying in Europe. Our mission is clear:

  • Consolidate program, school, and destination options in one spot, making decisions straightforward and efficient.
  • Expertly guide students, eliminating common mistakes and ensuring a smooth enrollment process.
  • Speed and efficiency are paramount. We guarantee a swift, hassle-free transition, letting students focus on their studies.
  • Beyond admission, we help students seamlessly integrate into their European community.

With Study First Europe, you’re not just enrolling; you’re starting a new chapter in Europe, prepared, confident & ready to learn from any challenge this new chapter might bring your way ✨

We want to help 10K students to study in Europe by 2032

Why Study First Europe?

Simo Bychou

In 2017, my academic journey brought me to Europe, where, like many international students, I encountered a realm of unforeseen challenges amidst my aspirations. This transformative experience, coupled with my professional background working with international schools, gave me a profound insight into the unique needs and gaps within the industry. It was this revelation that spurred the creation of Study First Europe, driven by a mission to empower students in their higher education abroad. Our core values—continuous improvement and overcoming challenges —are central to our approach. At Study First Europe, we’re committed to supporting students’ growth and success and fostering strong partnerships with educational institutions across Europe.

Marie-Kristin Fischer

Rooted in my profound understanding of people and fueled by an unwavering commitment to make a lasting positive impact, my ambition is to deliver meaningful contributions to the world. My analytical strengths and ability to view situations from various perspectives, paired with an innate spirit of innovation, are the cornerstones of my approach.

At Study First Europe, my role is integral in driving our work to unparalleled levels, consistently innovating to elevate our students’ overall experience. I am deeply committed to refining and enhancing every facet of their journey, with the vision of making Study First Europe a beacon of excellence in international education. In unison with our mission, we strive to create a nurturing environment for our team, students, and partners, emphasizing support and safety.

Marco Brown

I chose to work with SFE because we go back a long time and we share the same vision, that of empowering our students and making their educational dreams come true. In fact, I have been training international students from all over the world for over thirty years. As I am passionate about teaching my language, I’d like to see you joining our SFE English training classes soon!

Diana Arandojo

SFE is a space that allows you to grow and continuously learn. They are passionate about their mission and they spread that passion and their strong values all over the team. They encourage you to believe that anything is possible. Especially inspiring non-EU students who may find barriers in achieving their dreams & goals of studying in Europe. No matter the obstacles, they will find a way to (together) make things happen ✨

Boutaina Milioui

S: Sincere, F: Fabulous, E: Enthusiastic – These are the perfect words to describe Study First Europe from my own perspective, we have a special bond between our team and we always cherish and dedicate our efforts to satisfy our students and partners. 🤗

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