English Programs

We hear you


First of all, that depends on the school & program you choose.

1. You need to be within the usual age range for a student and at least 18 years old.

2. You need to provide the required documents for the School Admission.

3. You need to provide the required documents for the Visa Application.

You will find out the exact documents necessary for your case, in our Orientation and during the Admission process. Remember that the Orientation is for free and you can ask our Consultant anything!

Pro tip: if you have a sponsor (who is not yourself) invite them to join the Orientation 🤗

Yes & No. 

In order to study in Malta, you do not need to provide an IELTS or TOEFL Certificate. BUT, of course before starting your chosen study program, you need to improve your level so you can actually listen, read and learn. Our school partners in Malta offer an English Foundation course after which you will be able to continue any study course you qualify for 💪.


Our Team is international and our Consultants speak different languages, such as Arabic, English and Spanish. We choose our Consultants based on their personal experience, that means your Consultant used to be an international student just like you & can give you all the tips and knowledge about your study abroad journey.

Any student applying with Study First Europe, receives the full amount of the school (minus administration fee) in the case of an Official Visa Refusal.

Furthermore, it is our guarantee that we help you apply for the Visa a 2nd time without charging any extra fees.

Yes, of course.

No matter if private or public school, you are going to receive a European degree accredited by the MFHEA.

You can watch a great video that explains how Higher Education qualifications work in Malta here.