Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Systems and Networks

Computer systems and networks are a growth area in today’s business environment due to the fact that there is a strong demand for highly skilled technical persons who can devise original solutions for complex problems in the context of IT and network implementation using modern techniques. This hands-on degree programme is intended for learners who wish to pursue a career in the world of computer systems and networks. In this course learners will be exposed to enterprise network technologies, data centre operations, service provider networks, information security, virtualisation, DevOps and cloud computing technologies.

MQF Level 6

3 Years Full-Time

Career opportunities: Systems administrator, NOC engineer*, Technical support specialist, Network analyst, DevOps, Cloud infrastructure engineer*

*The term Engineer shall not carry or imply the meaning attributed to the term “Engineer” in Article 2 of the Engineering Profession Act (Chapter 321 of the Laws of Malta)

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